GraphicAll - How Do the Version Numbers Work?

I was on GraphicAll last night looking for the CUDA kernel version of 2.64a and realized the version numbers seem to work differently on there than the official versions.

For instance, I found CUDA versions of 2.64 that was numbered as 2.64.1 and (I believe) 2.64.2, however the latter one was posted after the release of 2.64a, so I don’t know if it’s derived from 2.64a or 2.64.

No one seems to document these things on there either. So, how does a person tell which official version a GraphicAll version is based on?

Is there a way to figure this out by looking at the build numbers, or are they a separate thing altogether?

If this was a letter to Dear Abbey, I’d sign it “Confused.” :slight_smile: