Alternative! Anyone?

Dear all,

Since the new I am not able to download any submitted builds.

I have a slow internet connection 128kbps. The new seems like doesn’t support download resuming. The download will automatically disconnected after 10%~20% and I am not able to resume. Download completion is impossible.

Does anyone know any other method to download from there or any other alternative to those builds?

Thank you.

Haha if you think 128 is slow, come to my country - i’ve never EVER gone over 50. Yet I still manage to download from graphicall. I suggest you try a different browser

If you post me the link i download the build for you and upload it on my dropbox account or elsewhere.

Cheers, mib

i’ve gone through the same situation, now i upgraded my connection speed, you should try to upload to an FTP server and put the the link in the graphicall page :slight_smile:

i too have a slow conection 600kbps (80KBps aprox.), in my country will have conections up to 20mbps but are very expensive, but not have problems with the graphical downloads, try use a downloadmanager than can resume the download.

@gregzaal & theKAt
I’m using freedownloadmanager (fdm). Unable to resume like before (the prev
Tested using Firefox, Chrome and IE too… none successful.

@mib2berlin & bat3a
Thanks. :slight_smile:

well, i hope that in the future add the resume capacity to they servers, while you can download big files without resume in a cybercafe near to you.