is back!

Hi, I´m very happy to tell you that is fully functional again :stuck_out_tongue:

see you guys there!

hooray! :smiley:

Its nice to hear about that!!

Thank You!!!

lets try it.

ahem, sorry, been waiting a while…

Yes, been waiting for it to come back for so long

BTW - the thread title has a typo “GraphicAll.irg” instead of “

Thanks, fixed it

btw I´m posting regular win builds, go and grab your Render Bake test build! :slight_smile:

ahem, way off subject, but is anyone elses browsing bugging out? I cant enter any threads except thru recent comments…

And when i click the ‘finished projects’ thread, or any others, it just sends me to a white page…theres just a tny envelope pic…

Yay!! I’ve been waiting for a while!

Exact same problem here.

they must be re-wutevering the site…or their server crashed…
PS wut browser are you on? im using netscape 8.21

I’m using Firefox 2. I hope the “re-wutevering” is the reason for these problems.

I’m also having these problems- there’s been a LOT of changes with the forums today, I’m pretty sure they’re changing the theme right now (autolocking old topics has been activated!)

Submitted the GraphicAll news to BlenderNation a couple of minutes ago.

sry ‘re-wautevering’ : putting up the new layout thing…youd think theyd warn us…

teen slang, its a little vague

same here. thought that it was a computer issue of mine after downloading and installing ccleaner. at least now I know that I don’t have to try and fixs everything on my computer, thanks :smiley:

This thread has unofficially been hijacked until we can access the forums normally again.

I hope it’s a new theme and not server trouble… Just a couple of small changes with the forum have been happening. Did you notice that the “Reply to Thread” thing towards the top is no longer Bold? And that autolocking old topics has been activated (I know I said this already, it’s just so cool)

EDIT: Use this thread:

I wouldn’t think it’s server problems since the threads themselves are accessible.

Kewl. I was thinking about making a customized build tomorrow, so I’ll post it there then.

Congrats to the graphicall team!