not working usually has problems. Is there any other site where you can download 2.5 revisions?

Don’t agree that usally have problems, it has a fairly good uptime. And there aren’t any other sites from where you can download 2.5 builds that I know of. I’m very grateful that such site exists at all since it require a lot of effort to maintain. I recommend you to learn how to be paitence or just learn how to compile your own builds…


I did not say had a lot of down time, I said it has frequent problems. Sometimes there is a “View” button in the Latest Builds section and sometimes not. It isn’t there now. Also, the number of downloads in the Latest Builds section isn’t shown, they are cut off.

Call me crazy, but I think that when someone takes the time and effort to create something, in this case a website, it should actually work.

I am an artist, not a computer programmer, but I will take your advice and start writting my own 3D software immediately. Thanks for the great suggestion.
here are some builds. Not sure how often they update them though.

I think what Gustav meant was that you could compile the source code from the SVN tree, if I understood him right.


I have not seen the button for a week or more now…but it is a personally maintained site…and I think I cannot complain too much…I bring up issues so that the operator is aware…not to bitch…semi off topic, but just a point.

The Zoo-Blender link above has daily builds of the main trunk, plus a few special builds (bmesh, freestyle, nurbs) that are updated a little less frequently. But, they always have daily builds for 2.5. You do have to read the instructions, though. The download for the builds are very small because they’ve separated the files that don’t change into a separate package that you can simply unzip into the folder of the latest build that you download.

I’ve found that if you can’t find the latest build for your platform at Graphicall, you’ll find it at Zoo-Blender.

I just now tried to send an e-mail to via their Contact Us button. When I clicked Send, I got the following (see below) and don’t know if the message was sent or not.

Is there a regular e-mail address to which I can send a message?

Contact Staff

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