GraphicAll pictures at Blender Conference 2009 !

Today the Blender Conference Amsterdam 2009 begins!

I’m so excited about this new Conference (bigger place and lotsa more blenderheads!) that I thought about doing a special report right from where the magic happens! :slight_smile:

And what better way to do it than through a Blenderhead’s well known place such as

So! will try to post pictures (as long as I get wifi I will!) on GraphicAll’s home page, you can check the first one already, a sneak peek at the Suzanne’s Awards intro!.

Or follow the tweeter/twitpic page directly via RSS.

Cheers Blenderheads!, and happy conference!

Thanks venomgfx! The more information from the conference, the more fun for us schmoes who can’t make it. (Myself included… :frowning: )

If someone could tape some (or all!) of the sessions I would be very thankful. Might offer to shout some money over Paypal or something for file hosting if it helps.