Graphically possible in BGE?

hello all…

as some of you have seen the new silent hills gameplay i am sure:

the graphics are pretty remarkable. do you guys think this is even possible in BGE to have a game of this caliber?

Please when I say this don’t think I am down talking to blender, but I am curious to opinion of community. I know most responses will be like “what you expect from million doller company” but in seriousness maybe this is still possible to do with blender, it would just be harder?

or is truely best bet for game of high caliber to be supported in other stronger engine like cryengine or Unreal 4?

blender is my native program, and I love to use it, so I would take the step to work hard for thos results in blender, rather than use other engine for same results.

thanks for time…

If you even get close to creating that many high quality models with nice custom 2d filters along with many other lighting and shader scripts then possibly (if you notice, the shadows are extremely hi-res). Plus everyone seems to forget there is a huge team of developers behind it, such as modelling, texturing, lighting, programming (which splits off into many subcategories).
BGE isn’t really made for this sort of thing though so you might get some performance and optimization issues as well as possible long loading times.

In short, use the game engine you can work best with and understand, the likelihood of you creating anything close to this while starting out in a game engine is unfortunately very low.

The more fancy features a game engine has, the more you have to learn to be able to use them.

the loading actually mostly depends on the data to load, if most of the graphical fidelity is reached with filters and programming the game would load just fine and still look magnificent. The only issue there is the performance of the game because filters are quite heavy if used in big quantities.

I personally have not achieved this quality yet in BGE, however I have seen some videos on youtube of other peoples work in blender and I will say, it seems to me with hard work and determination, graphically anyways, it is possible to match up to that. But like I said, I have never done it personally, so maybe better to wait and hear from somebody who has.

I believe some of said videos are also in the resource section.

Can the game engine handle it? Yes
Can you handle it? No idea
Can I handle it? Yeah, if I wanted to make that sort of game
Could I make a game like that in a month? Nope
Could I make a game like that in a year? Nope
How long would it take? Probably 4+ years
Is it a good first project? No

I think it just comes down to how much time and effort you will put into the project, as well as how many people you are working with tbh. I do think it is possible in BGE, though.

As already stated, the bge “could” produce something similar but the limiting factor will probably be the game dev.
With the new cycles baking feature graphics can be improved a lot.

See a tutorial from Andrew Price at

Those graphics aren’t anything remarkable (I am not saying the game is bad – its gameplay and storytelling are amazing – just it isn’t nearly as graphically demanding as most AAA games are today); It’s just a chromatic aberration filter, lens distortion filter, vector motion blur filter, depth of field, filter, chromatic bloom filter, film grain filter and some pretty good light baking with some animated elements on top.
The reason it looks pretty real is because the fact that it is a game is hidden beneath the plethora of filters so as to look more like a film, and, as George Lucas inspired the movie-making industry, it is easier to make something look authentic by making it look dirty/grungy/broken than clean/new.

It’s all down to art skills which is what you need when doing modelling, I have seen some very impressive stuff come out of this game engine which is why I’m actually quite happy to use it. The fact that it’s open source means you won’t really be limited anyway if you want to hire a programmer to work on the back end stuff for you. - This one really impressed me

The main obstacle I see a lot of new people come across when they’re trying to make games, even professional programmers, is they have even less artistic skill than I do o_O you can’t just throw on a photo texture and so on and expect it to look realistic or just do a half-assed job on a standard anistropic.

As I’ve discovered getting back into Maya there are all sorts of settings to mess with even with the basic texturing because you have to make sure that your light is shining at the right angle for the object you are representing and there is enough transparency and so on.

People just don’t think about these kind of details normally which is why things can often end up looking quite crummy, it’s especially obvious with these so called professional game developers I see nowadays.

It’s amazing what shaders (filters) can do for a game.

Ofc, the standard response to the OP:
The BGE has most modern features available like shaders, navigation meshes, shadows, particles, etc. Only worry later about whether the BGE can handle your not-yet-created uber graphics (excuse the sarcasm).

My personal response:
IMHO, the BGE is the best place to start, at least out of all the free engines out there. It’s easy to use, you’ll probably learn valuable skills while using it and it’ll take you further than you think. It’s a great deal (sales pitch…:p).

For example, in my situation I needed to do more optimization, customization, and specialization, i.e. modify the source code. IMHE, dealing with the BGE source code is not a terribly great experience.

The BGE is like this: you can take your souped-up economical car to the racetrack, sure you could race a Lamborghini but you know you’ll need some serious muscle. In other words, don’t worry about your car having the peformance of a luxury sports car when you might never race on the track (maybe on the street ;)).

It’s all a case of YAGNI and pre-premature optimization.

well i don´t think is imposible but whith all the tricks of blender, python vertex manipulation, a lot of work in modelling texturing an stuff, glsl, LOD (manual artistic not blender internal) it can be posible, but you only can make that room in a half year, and get tired of it.