Graphics card advice


I’m just wondering if someone’d help me regarding my hesitations about new graphics card. I’ve read that mostly NVidia Quadro is recommended for 3D, but I’ve also heard that GeForce can do the work pretty good too. I want to use my computer for images and video renders as well. Don’t want to get higher more than 700-800USD. Hehe, I’m not really skillet in technology and hardware so please… Easy on me… :smiley: Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The recommended blender requirements can be found here.

I have a 4gb 1050 Ti, 16GB ram, 4 i5 6400 with 64 bit operating system, my pc is an inspiron 3650.

I’m not a tech guy myself lol but I estimate the total cost of my setup was around £520

Thank you very much for the response and inspiration! :blush: I’ll see what I can get as many of them are sold out, hehe.

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