Graphics Card Dilemma: ATI 7850, nVidia 560Ti

My PC was unable to start and see anything on screen. Finally, it’s about time my (3 years) old card died and now running the system with on-board VGA. :spin::smiley:

I have found these cards in my local shop and I am willing to spend 200 euros for a GPU.

  • Club 7950 for 180 euros
  • Gigabyte 560Ti for 190 euros

The cards are almost equal to cost and power. So either case seems not a problem.

In one hand by choosing ATI I will miss CUDA acceleration with Blender.
Question: Do you think that is a big deal? For the record: Within the next 2 years I do not plan making a major movie, but rather making simple tests and learning stuff, casual Blender usage.

On the other hand, I am dissapointed with my previous nVidia experience and now something holding me back. What is the reason? Because for over 16 months my system was very unstable (BSOD and nVidia Kernel Fails). Could it be nVidia’s fault that it not created stable drivers? Or could it be signs of hardware exhaustion?

Another useful fact:
ATI gives guarantee for 2 years
nVidia gives guarantee for 3 years

Any ideas?

I would go with nVidia even though I like ATI. The nVidia has cuda and you might change your mind a bout that movie thing.

like he said, get the Nvidia…
you could go with the Non-ti version and save a little $(if you’re not a bigtime gamer)
(i dont see much difference in the Blender benchmark between the 2)
just get the 2GB model.

i had a 560(non-ti) 2GB and it rendered the blender benchmark in about
1min 4-10sec depending on build and OS,
if you look at the spreadsheet the 560Ti’s get about the same, some actually do worse(not sure why, maybe they were using old drivers or something?? not sure…)

I guess if you are a frequent Cycles user pick nvidia…
I have two 7850 and I love em <3

I have the 560 Ti and, even though I don’t use Cycles, it’s still faster for other things in Blender.

Despite nVidia’s stability problems from time to time, they’re always a bit ahead of ATI with speed, new features, etc. Kind of like comparing Intel and AMD, really.

ATI is AMD. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think we all know that… Forgive me for not getting your point; I just woke up.

I ordered nVidia 650 Ti (not 560) for 118 euros, because it was on discount (normally costs about 150), so this fact changed the cost/power ratio tremendously. It seems that the difference in horsepower is almost not noticeable:

So anyway, thanks for any suggestions and for your time to reply.

it will be noticeable when you run Cycles.