Graphics card fixes for a non-technical person

Hi. Is there any way someone could post (or link to) an easy-to-understand guide to making Blender 2.49b work properly with certain graphics cards (mine specifically is nVidia Geforce 310m on Windows 7 64bit).

Blender is showing black areas around the menus and I can’t box-select properly in edit mode. At one point it also showed the outline of my mesh in red while the rest of the 3D window was black. I think it was when I tried to box- or circle-select.

I would really appreciate some help. I updated my drivers, but that didn’t fix anything. If you could guide me in where to go, what to click, etc., that would be great.

Have you tried turning off anti aliasing in the nvidia control panel
See this thread

Thanks. I’ll have to take a look at the thread and try that.