graphics card for blender convert svg to stl

hello all,
i have to convert very large .svg files, about 100000-200000 knots, to stl with much more than 1 million points. i did not find a way to reduce the knots in the svg, these are patterns with irregular shapes, and quite a lot of them.

my actual computer is quite slow with it. here the specs: i5 750, 4 cores, geforce gt230 graphics card, 4gb ram.

i am thinking of upgrading ram and maybe graphics card. but i dont know whether blender uses the graphic card or the cpu to process this svg to stl conversion.

what would be the best to get a reasonable workflow? i have to upgrade ram to 8 or 12 gb anyway because of another programm that is hungry for ram.

i do very little rendering with cycles, a little bit for furniture.



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So what’s the workflow you’re considering? Using Blender to covert from SVG to STL?

yes, converting an .svg in an .stl

I’d recommend looking into freecad. I think that might work better for your use case.

Also, to answer your question, Those import/export operations are strongly tied to CPU, not GPU. The more processing power you can throw at it, the better.

so it is not so much the ram, more how fast the processor is?
that would explain why in the task manager the ram is not fully used.

thanks for the freecad tip, i will look into it.

i just looked a little into freecad. they say the dxf import is not very well, but the svg import is fine. why would freecad be better for the svg to stl extrusion than blender?

thanks eppo,
i was looking into that website, it was too complicated for me. but i found another way to solve my problems without converting the dxf to an stl.
thanks for all your help.