graphics card question

hello blender heads.

I’m currently updating my pc,and the graphics card I have chosen is Nvidia gt630 due to my budget.
would it meet the standards of blender cycles, or do i need something more powerful?


There are gt630 with DDR3 or DDR5 Video ram, don´t buy a DDR3 card they a slow.
This card should be slower as a i5 CPU so depends on your system.
If you go for a i5 or i7 stay with your old card or buy a cheaper card now and save your money for a min. GTX 650Ti.

Chears, mib.

Hello Mib!

My old pc has DDR3 ,but during the year Ill be buying a total new build pc,so since im only learning blender for now
Ill have to go with a cheap solution.

thanks for the reply though.

good info: i’ve used other 3d warez in past but interested in Blender now & i have i7 but like u, i only have GT 640 so i’m hoping the
i7 will be long-term worthwhile & so hopefully get something like the suggested GTX 650, 660Ti or 670 down the road like mib2berlin suggests. Also, i asked similar questions on
alot of 3d forums recently & everyone noted that most 3d apps–even the best–are not yet highly optimizing for the CUDA cores &
other great GPU abilities,
so guys suggested over & over: get most powerful CPU & in near future, 3d developers will start taking advantage of GPUs more efficiently.

Heck i was almost gonna get an i5 yet spend more on the nvidia card & would have been bottle-necked @ CPU, etc!