Graphics card trouble with nvidia / slow redraw


I’ve found myself a nice affordable and passiely cooled graphics card

MSI fx5200 t128

It is marvellous. only problem: Blender is extremely slow. The 3D view has redraw intervals of about 1 fps.

the newest drivers are installed, msi has been contacted with negative results.

System Win98 se

is there any chance to change the opengl drivers, so I don’t have to bring the card back?

thanks in advance


I think this may be your problem.

I used to have that card, and while blender ran slow; it was usable. Try downloading the new drivers from


You were right. My fault was to use the manufacturers download area (MSI). They seem to offer crappy drivers. With drivers from nvidia, it runs fine

Thanks for saving me


Happy I could help. :slight_smile:

I have an FX 5500, and Blender runs quite nice. It is a good idea to check for the latest drivers though. Especially when you try and install new software. I’m heading over to as we speak to look for the latest.

I am thinking about getting a new card soon though. Mine can get the job done, but it is still not quite powerful enough. But I don’t want to go out and spend 400 plus dollars on a card.

I have heard great things about the Geforce FX 6600 GT. It is only around $200. Anyone here have that card?


interestngly my Nvidia card works better off the manfucturers drivers than the nvidia one.

but each card and manufacturer is different.


Just found out:

With arrow in 3d-view press ctrl-alt-shift-Tkey

It will tell you how many fps are available for this window. Valuable test for your card.


Hey nice find there man. Thanks. :wink: