Graphics card

Should I get this one?

Its not that up to date, but for Blender and considering the Price I would say it is a nice buy.

Don’t expect games like Doom 3 to run very fast on it though.

Check on the NET for some reviews and you might get a better view of the card performance.

One thing I can say is go with NVidia, better drivers and support, specially if you might want to try out or use Linux.

What you want is definetly a Nvidia card(better OpenGL support), but crap for games compaired to a Radeon. The cards used for games are different to specialized workstation cards, don’t expect a for Instance a FireGL to play games and don’t expect a Radeon 9800 make blender run more smoothly.

If you want cutting edge try this :

The FireGL cards are Radeon cards…

I’d proabably get a Radeon 9800 based card, since with the release of the Xx00 series and the 6x00 series, their prices are in freefall. Otherwise, checkout the 6600 series.

In know the FireGL are radeon cards, i was comparing a workstation card to a games card,just saying that they function differently.I would not get a radeon card since blender GUI uses OpenGL, and radeon cards have bad OpenGL performance where as Nvidia have better OpenGL performance.

If you are using Linux I would suggest NVidia (not perfect but much better drivers than ATI).


this is not longer a problem, as a fix for ati has been commited.
i just brough a fx5200 128. for 90$ canadian. and it can run ut2k4 in the floor.
doom 3, run smooth on medium setting though.
*a p4 2.4 512mb behind.

Mostly need it for blender but I at least want to play UT2004 on it. Don’t need Doom 3 to play. And I don’t want to pay over $110 for it. I thought this looked good. :-?

/me did the move anyway.

I have a 1.5GHZ Dell with 256MB RAM and the motherboard it came with. Will this card work with my computer?

if it support agp 8x why not.

but how can i find out if it does or now? Right now i have an old 16MB ATI card.

what is you motherboard. the brand, the version

Not sure, i could find out. Its the one that came with my 1.5GHZ Dell computer. Sevral years old. Do have an AGP slot but not sure if it is 8x. :-?

OK… I looked inside my manul and found the specs for my AGP slot. Here they are: Bus Type: PCI and AGP

Bus Speed: PCI: 33 MHz; AGP: 66MHz

AGP connector: one

AGP connector size: 172 Pins

AGP connector data width (maximum) 32bits

AGP bus protocals: 4X/2X modes at 1.5V

I want to know I can run this card with the AGP type I have. Is this possible? I want to know before i buy the card. :stuck_out_tongue:



yes it will work. but not at maximal capacity.

Do you think its worth the buy then?


as said, cause when you’ll buy and other comp, or maybe upgrade, you’ll already have a good card.
though pci-xpress is comming. :x

ok, i ordered it, should be here in a few days! :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait, no more slow blender. I’m gettin UT2004 later. Thanks for all the help guys.