Graphics card

its an HP Pavillion w/winME

i looked at the hp website, and they have like 5 different types. which “family” of pavillion do you have? ( )
Your gonna have to do a google search on your specific model and see if you can get any results as to which motherboard you have, and if it has PCI-e or whatever. Or you could just open it up and look at your motherboard yourself…

hp and compaq have a live tech support thing on their site.

ask them. tell them your model number and they will tell you what you can put in it.
its fun to annoy them sometimes. but they can help you alot

you know, if he is this unclear with graphics cards, wait till he actually finds out which one, and then asks how to install it… %|

being the nerd with all the free time i have i bugged them about installing one once. they were helpful, i pretended i was pretty dumb and it was funny to see their answers. heres one when i was bored i sent it to them.

 Stephanie G: Hello Michael
Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Stephanie. How may I assist you today ?
Michael Hanson: hi stephanie
Michael Hanson: ok my son bought me a computer yesterday and i got it setup today
Stephanie G: Ok
Michael Hanson: so i had my mcdonalds resting on the cd tray (cup deck right?) and one of the french fries got lodged in the umm thingy under the cup deck
Michael Hanson: so its lodged in there quite good now and i cant save my work for some reason
Stephanie G: Oh
Michael Hanson: oh my god it smells like its smoking now
Stephanie G: The cup deck it not meant for that it is used for CDs and DVDs
Stephanie G: Are you chatting from the same computer ?
Michael Hanson: yes
Michael Hanson: isnt dvd a dual visual disector right?
Stephanie G: Please turn off the PC immediately to prevent the PC from further damage
Michael Hanson: uh oh stephanie i will get back to you later
Stephanie G: Clean the tray & in case the issue persists, call 1-800-hpinvent

and one of my friends went in stupid on them then went super techy

Domnic G: Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario.
My name is Domnic G. How may I assist you today?
Mike Nuvarski: Yes, hello.
Mike Nuvarski: I am a very new computer user.
Mike Nuvarski: Actually, my son bought me a computer today... The one I am speaking to you on.
Domnic G: Okay.
Mike Nuvarski: Now, I wanted to know, how do I visit the internet?
Mike Nuvarski: I cannot bring up.. the internet.
Domnic G: What happens when you double click on internet explorer?
Mike Nuvarski: Well, it brings up a large box. But I don't get the website I want.
Mike Nuvarski: I have a... UKL...
Mike Nuvarski: Or is it... ULL?
Mike Nuvarski: Oh, I'm so sorry, it's URL.
Mike Nuvarski: My son wrote it down here.
Mike Nuvarski: I was wondering where to put this... URL...?
Domnic G: Let me know how you're trying to access the website.
Domnic G: Are you typing in
Mike Nuvarski: Oh, wait, I figured it out. It was the little box near the top of the user bar. It was hidden, so I had to drag it down.
Mike Nuvarski: But I have a question.
Mike Nuvarski: Can you help me with that, Mr. Dominic...?
Domnic G: Sure.
Mike Nuvarski: Okay. I wanted to know how the HTTP Protocol will affect the transfer of data from a server to the client.
Domnic G: No it will not affect the transfer of data in any way.
Mike Nuvarski: One last question you sweetie...
Mike Nuvarski: Will the SCSI array of HDD's make my experience online more enjoyable?
Domnic G: SCSI Array supports hundreds of gigabytes of storage, one
or two RAID controllers, 128 LUNs, and up to six host connections. So it will surely be a good experience
Mike Nuvarski: Thank you. I hope I haven't dulled you down with my limited computering knowledge. Oh, and this "CD" drive... That means Cup Deck right? I put my cup there... right?
Domnic G: No. We have had customers who have used the Cd tray as the cofee stand.
Mike Nuvarski: Oh. I guess its for pies then. I'll call you to return my product if anything gets lodged in anywhere, or something becomes fried because of... I dunno... Food particles or something. I'm very messy, and forget things when turning off computers and closing all trays. Well, going to get an apple pie, thank you for the help, good bye Dominic!

ah and i just found the one i was looking for. you go and tell them the model and theyll tell you what to do.

Monty K
Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Monty. How may I assist you today?

Nick Carlson

Monty K
Hello Nick.

Nick Carlson
i was wondering how i would upgrade my graphics card in my computer

Monty K
May I know the model number of the computer?

Nick Carlson

Nick Carlson
there is a little brown slot near the thing with the fan on it is that what i use

Monty K
Thank you for the information.

Monty K
Let me check the specification of the model.

Monty K
Nick, I apologize for the delay. Thank you for your time and patience.

Nick Carlson
no problem

Monty K
You can go ahead and install AGP Video card on this model.

Nick Carlson
what would i buy?

Monty K
The little brown slot is a AGP slot.

Nick Carlson
so i would buy like a geforce fx 6800 card then?

Monty K
You can go ahead and install AGP8X graphic card on this model.

Nick Carlson
so in futureshop i would ask for an agp8x card?

Monty K
Yes Nick.

Nick Carlson
thank you monty

Monty K
It will support geforce fx 6800 AGP card.

Monty K
You are most welcome.

Monty K
Is there any other technical issue I can assist you with today?

Nick Carlson

Nick Carlson
no thank you

Monty K
Do you want instructions to install the AGP card?

Nick Carlson
umm ok

Monty K
I am sending you a Web page, which will pop-up on your screen. Please let me know if you receive this.

Monty K

Monty K
Did you get the web page?

Nick Carlson
no it didnt pop up

Monty K

Nick Carlson
maybe you could send a link to copy

Monty K
I will try to share the web page once again.

Monty K
Please visit the link given below. The URL is

Nick Carlson
ok i see it now

Monty K
I have sent the same document to your email ID provided in this chat session.

Monty K
Please let me know once you receive it.

Nick Carlson
ok thank you monty goodbye

Nick Carlson
i have recieved it

Monty K
You are most welcome.

Monty K
Take care. Bye!!

Nick Carlson

Monty K
Thank you for using HP Total Care and giving us an opportunity to serve you through Real-Time Chat. A copy of our chat session will be e-mailed to you shortly. You may also receive a chat survey. We would appreciate your feedback. Please contact us again if you require any further assistance. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our exclusive Owner Services will help keep all of your HP and Compaq products up and running. Please visit our Web site at:

i do know what exactly i was doing, but i couldnt resist their answers. they will probably walk yo through it if you ask.
all fake names btw

what the f*ck does this have to do with this kids problem? seriously wtf

okay, and to finish, never buy from best buy or any local store. (def not microcenter). go to and get the good prices and great return policy and fast shipping.

I want to point this out:
the microcenter version:

the newegg version of the same card:

price difference:
with rebate:

I once called microcenter and asked the sales guy why I should pay a $100 premium. His response? None. Then i offered:
“just the in store service and returns?”
“but your return policy doesn’t allow open box returns”
“so there is nothing?”

And then I spent $500 at newegg.

calm down holy crap.

he can go to compaqs support and ask for help. they are helpful when you need them is my point. my god your touchy arent you

eh sry, guess i was really pissed at the time… %|

but yeah really stupid…

well, it gave me a really good laugh :slight_smile: . just incase you do decide to open up your case and have a lookey-see at what types of bus’ you have, heres some info that might help you:

PCI bus:

AGP bus:

PCI-Express bus:

(if you already didn’t know: ) these are what youll be pluging your graphics card into. when you remove your ‘hood’ on the tower and look straight at the motherboard, they will be on the bottom left, and there will be about 3-4 of them.

Not necessarily, although i guess it depends on what you’re doing with it. 128 should be more than enough for a computer of your… athletic capabilities :wink:

well, yeah, it depends on what your using it for. but he did mention gaming:

my comp runs fine for blending i think im going to start gaming. Even for BlenderGE it is really choppy though.

and thats also the reason it is ‘choppy’, more RAM will seriously help that more than a graphics card will.

you need a balance of both. a 7800GTX wont do much if its got 128mb of ram. you need to upgrade both to get preformance. ive got a geforce fx 5200 128mb card and 768mb of ram and a 2800+ proc and its fine for blending and gaming. going higher for me wont do much because the cpu is the new bottleneck. for what you have you should get 256-512mb of ram, and a 64-128mb vid card. i wouldnt go over a 5700 for the card because its too old.

sorry ihavent posted back…um, no reason really…

Anyways i have an Hp 8756c

it says on an hp site PCI local bus…please tell my its my motherboard.

i guess i do have a PCI slot or whatever, don judge a book by its color…or something like that.

molly M: Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is molly. How may I assist you today?
molly M: Hi ME,
ME: hi i have an HP pavillion 8756c and i was wondering which king of motherboard i have, PCI or AGP
molly M: I will check the specifications and let you know.
mollyM: Thank you for being online. I will be with you shortly.
mollyM: Your PC has 2 PCI slots available for expansion.
mollyM: You may install the video card in one of these slots.
ME: thank you very much…are you a real person
molly M: You are welcome! I am a real person.
molly M: I will give you a document on installing RAM.
ME: how do you know i want to install a video card…are you spying on me!!!
ME: And RAM?!!
molly M: Not at all.
ME: okay
mollyM: You have asked me about PCI and AGP.
mollyM: So, I knew it’s for Video Card.
ME: my neise has the same name as you…thats cool
mollyM: Thank you!
ME: shes dead…
molly M: I am sorry to hear about it.
ME: well bye!!!

Thats so fun, it would be funnier if i wasnt actually asking about somthing i really care about.