graphics card

hey guys i dont think my graphics card is compatible with blender,because whenever i add a texture to some of my models and press p sometimes it crashes and this also happens to my runtimes,they are uv textures in multitexture mode,is there anyway to get past this problem?

that could be, or you might need a graphics update, i have a dell studio 1737 and blender did the same thing with me until i updated my graphics driver. if your running windows you should be able to update it by going into control panel. i hope this helps

so theres no other way u know of apart from that because my drivers are pretty up to date

Find the name of the company who made your graphics card (ATI, NVidia, etc.), and search on Google for drivers for that specific card (i.e. ATI Radeon XT 800). Download the most recent drivers for that, and use them - you may or may not have to uninstall the previous drivers.