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(gr8!) #1

I want to share a few of my Blender made images as shown on my blog:


(gr8!) #2


I used to love you

Digit All

(gr8!) #3



Broken Blue

I’ll do my best to keep this updated.

(gr8!) #4

Cosmic Wavvvvves


(CurtYoung) #5

I like the cyli_cast!
They’re all good, but it’s my fav’!

(gr8!) #6

Thanks CurtYoung! More will follow!

(gr8!) #7

Lemon xyz


(gr8!) #8

Multidimentional Salt

Swirly Blue

(ImmortalZombie) #9

These are amazing!

(gr8!) #10

Thanks! Glad you like them ImmortalZombie!

(Derek Leung) #11

very good, they give me much inspiration,
any more?

(gr8!) #12

Check images will -hopefully- be updated daily.
There are also images build with other programs (Cinema 4D and Mandelbulb) but most of them are made in Blender.

(gr8!) #13

Nature Maybe


(gr8!) #14

Sneaky Hate

Architecture Dreams

(3pointEdit) #15

Great work, very Beeple in feeling. Are they all Cycles renders? Any animations?

(gr8!) #16

Thanks 3pointEdit! Actually Beeple uses Cinema 4D (I also use it) but sadly it’s a lot harder to put together abstract/mograph scenes using Blender. Most of them are cycles renders but there are lots of BI stuff too. Due to time shortage I can only produce stills but when (and if) I find a good tempo with the dailies I’ll be building anims too. Thanks!

(fordgud4dall) #17

Nice thought provoking images, I especially like the simplicity of ‘Nature Maybe’

(gr8!) #18

Thanks! It’s one of my favs too.

(gr8!) #19

I think it would be wiser to add one image per post cause the page might become pretty heeaaavyyy… Anyway!

Peaceful Passage

(Gewoon_Maarten) #20

Wow really cool. All images look amazing, I love it. I specialy love ‘Madel Pyramide’ and ‘Peak Me’