Graphics Gale ( for pixel painters )

Not exactly 3D related, but I figure some folks hereabouts may have a use for this. It’s perfect for making tiny animations and sprites for 2D games, and supports layers, transparency, and a bunch of stuff not routinely found in softwares geared toward sprite making. It has a ‘scroll’ feature that’s good both for animating, and making tiles, and also has onion skinning, and a number of transform options, etc. I’m always looking for a good pixel painting software so I’m suprised I didn’t stumble on this one earlier. the free version doesn’t save as .gif, but, no biggie. there are ways of dealing with that. here’s the url.

yes, is quite good and has been around sometime…

I know is all about free world, but I tend to prefer Animation Shop (included in Paint Shop Pro allways) …and mobile industry seem to prefer Pro Motion. I don’t like this last, at work am all about Adobe PS and the like for sprites and tiles.

If you’re interested in free tools for tiles, you maybe quite interested in TileStudio. Which is free. It pops in google quickly :slight_smile:

Mappy for mounting the game and exporting -no painting here- tend to rock for many platforms included mobiles…

And you have for free Ultimate Paint, only the filters and some unimportant stuff removed Yet though I preferred for some stuff the old 1.91f freeware version, had much more a dpaint feel…

Pixel toolbox is cool but no comercial use allowed, though is non crippled in anyway (but limited to 64x64 as much)

And there was an nice sprite editor, free, pretty unknown, or totally unknown, I have it somewhere in backups, that allowed preview in real time, but was much more in the Ms-DOs style of those oldies sprite editors, if you remember them.

yet though, Gale have all its features. I don’t like how the preview window blinks in gale, though, with the redraw.

BTW, for me it’s all about Adobe PS…

Yet though, an sprite canbe done evenin paint, and end up just as professional. Is only way harder. (and u can paint without antialias in Adobe, some people just don’t know Adobe, heh )

that for compiling several gifs to an animated gif…

Gimp probably can do it. And if so, in windows and linux…

Irfanview - - can batch convert any load of frames from BMPs or whatever to whatever, in case u need it.

Did not provide all links of above tools as come quick in google.

you can use irfanview to extract all bmps from an avi…ideally if when rendered that avi you did choose avi [uncompressed] , as that is raw, no loss, no compression, ideal for editing. U have so two ways…well, the yet needed would be BMPs 2 avi, but you can do so with VirtualDub, or with other tools…providing bellow some not easy to find, at the end you have two ways editing avi uncompressed<–>bmps which is good for any kind of 3d and 2d work :

great tool, Avi4bmp. It converts a bitmap strip/grid from avi and to avi back again. Does more things. Really good.

Glue It. Will create a strip out of frames. very known.

Bitstrip.Similar, but colors/smoothness loss as uses gifs, I think.

dunno what it makes, but found the other day… %|

An advice. Download everything mentioned. All come really handy sooner or later…

Oh, what the heck, now that i am here…



pixel toolbox

Ultimate Paint. But download the LE version, the freeware edition. (unless u fall in love with it and buy it…)

An essential windows freebie. A neck saver :

Jasc Animation Shop Can be purchased apart from PSP (Paint Shop pro)
A great tool, it even open PSDs from either gimp or adobe and takes each layer as a frame… You can edit there and export as bmps, avis, animated gif, do transitions…opens and saves also avis, anim gifs…and has onion skin, etc, is really well done.Preview does not blink, is really a good tool…pitty is comercial, 39$

dunno about linux tools, sure there are a lot. I was a linux user, but am a bit disconnected now (due to work, no other reason, I like Linux.) Gimp tends to serve for most tasks, but I like something more inmediate for pixel work.(I have gimp for windows)

hey, you mentioned you’re interested inpixel tools :slight_smile:

yep i use alot of those apps. for tiling textures though, the best imo is texture maker. it’s kind of like blender. it has so many functions you can’t keep track of them all. anyway, i really like this graphics gale prog.