graphics like eve-online


two questions about space design:

Can you please post me a link to a tutorial or examples about how to make space wonderfull scenes, panoramics like seen in (or similar) ?

I want to setup a space scene and make 6 pictures of it
(north,east,south,west,top,down), then I want to texture a cube with these pics and get a fluently picture without corners during usage in the game engine. Is there a chance in blender to export these 6 views from blender (in 3ds there is a “panoramic” export option to get 6 pics of a scene; something similar in blender ?).

Thanks in advance

1 - generally spoken, i’d say the more experience, the better the results :slight_smile: sorry being too vague on that, idon’t know abt. any specific tut’s - mayve others do?

2 - in blender, there is an option to render panoramic images, which can be used as a world-map, or a map for a sphere. have a look at the render buttons (F10). the buttons of interest are (from left t to right):

  • Xparts: set that to something between 20-40.
  • Pano: activate that (enables PANOramic rendering)
  • SizeX: you have to calculate this value. firnalXresolution divided by Xparts returns SizeX. make sure all values are integer (nothing after period).

the final image is saved according to the settings (Filetype - jepeg or any other supported by blender, and the location is the first field in the first tabm labeled “Output”)

hope that helps