Graphics Only Thread

Saw this in a “Good Eat” Forum and though that it would be cool to have it here. This thread have around 130 pages of posts already and it is all pictures. here is where i found the original “Graphic only Thread.”

This is a thread that will test your ability to find a picture to state a reply.
Your reply to this thread my some how logically be applied to the picture
above it, but you may ONLY use images to do so. Other than this first
post, you may not use text in your thread. (Sig lines execpted). Use
google or other search engines to find images to post to this thread.
You must logically follow an image with an image. Try to tell a story.

No porn or soft porn images. You post will be deleted.
No text in your post or it will be deleted.
No text in your picture, either.
If your picture eventually becomes the dreaaded red x in a box, it’ll be deleted.
No pictures that make my screen scroll left to right (I’m using 1152 x 864) or it’ll be deleted.

After my pict below, it’ll graphics from here on out. Have fun …

I’m well aware that I have no Moderator privilage here and thus can’t delete your posts, but please follow the quoted rules to keep it fun.

:EDIT: oh I ask people here to please refrain from posting twice either in answer to own previous post or double-posting.

I would like to see what kind of pictures this communities would come up with expecially since a number of blenderhead here could make up a picture of their own to respond to the previous posts.

Oh animated pictures would be allowed here too.

to the viewing communities: U see what i mean? the pictures are different but somewhat obviously related. It can be fun to see what kind of responses people here might answer with.

Please use the [img] tag instead of just a link.

Sorry about that “text based picture.” I’ll try again:

please no text based pictures. (this is sorta against the whole thread idea.)

Other Viewer: please only respond to last pictures that are not text-based.

Saxofoner: thanks for changing your pic to something not text-based.

IN RESPONSE TO nerddragon’s reply: It was related. Here’s my chain of thought:
That turtle —> Stoner —> Hobo. It was not about karate lessons, it was about that hobo.

umm, could you please make the pictures somewhat related to the previous one? the picture IS text-based since he is holding it up to the camera and the pictue are obviously dependent on the sign for what humor there is.

I’ll edit this post and add a pic of my own when u fix it. thanks.

(thanks for the explanation, I didn’t follow that line of thought cause in the other board with the same thread it was visually related. somebody already posted a img in response to your so I’m gonna post another pic after that response.)

Haha, I beat nerddragon to the punch.

Man, those porcelain Hummels really are the cuttest… wait, I didn’t lose my cool saying that, right? Nah, I’m sure not.