Graphics tablet [HEAVILY UPDATED]

Just roll downwards for the new picture. Do not mind about this first ugly little thingie. :wink:

Here is little something I’ve been making past few days. This is my graphics tablet:

So… any C&C anyone? And oh, do not mind about the monitor… :smiley:

good start, but two words for you: bevel, sub-surf

and shadows

smoothing is required on some objects
the bottom edge of the monitor has some annoying ‘ridges’…
I think your bias is too low on your lamp that cast’s the tablet’s shadow
I think the halos you used for the monitor power light, and tablet status light are too ‘soft’, turn up their hardness to make them more of a point, and shrink them

… and I wonder…
who uses their tablet only (no keyboard) directly in front of their monitor? I use mine on the right of my mouse (right of my keyboard which is in front of my monitor), but I can’t understand why somebody would sit in a way…
(if I were to put it in front of my monitor I would rotate it so that it would be oriented with my arm, though not the screen. In my case this would be counterclockwise (from the top) about 30degrees)

How do you like using your pad with Blender?
I’m tempted to get one and was wondering. I have a Linux box. What do you use?

Heh… the image may be little missleading… I do not use my tablet with blender, because I find it almost impossible to use with pen and tablet… but that is just me. I use my tablet with paint shop pro.

I myself field XP and my tablet is Wacom Volito, wich I can personally recomend.

I’ll post new version from this pic some time soon.

Nice job
good start but I dont like the table tex :-?

Logik_Guy 8)

I myself field XP and my tablet is Wacom Volito, wich I can personally recomend.

Nice to hear. I’m planning to buy one.

To the image: Try to tweak shadows (lighting). There are missing shadows under the monitor and the tablet. Now it looks like they’re howering above the table. And the wood texture needs some Ref, Spec and Nor channels.
All these word are well ment, I’m not trying to blame you. I think, some positive critique leads to better results. (I think, there was some wrangle about it somewhere on the forum.)

Here is the higly tweaked version from my graphics tablet. After making this I realized that maybe the first version should have been placed in the work in progress section. Well, anyhow, here you go.

C&C is welcome, as allways.

Much better!

It looks a lot better however the lighting and some of the geometry could still be improved quite a bit.

I use a Wacom Graphire2 in Blender and I like it a lot. Before my finger would start to become irritated while doing a lot of modeling work for more that a couple of days but now I have no problem. I think it’s faster as well once you get used to it.