graphics tablet: is it worth it?

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is it worth it to buy a graphics tablet? are these compatible with blender?


(Torque) #2

Ive got one, but i never use it with Blender, its indispensable when it comes to working with Paint programs though.

(pofo) #3

For Blender, no, it doesn’t really make a difference (except I’ve got a mouse to use with mine and it beats the sh*t out of my old one when it comes to precision).
But if you like CG in general I think you should definitely get one.

  1. pofo

(emtilt) #4

Useless for Blender, Wonderful for 2D apps and some other 3D apps.

(RipSting) #5

I have a Graphire2 from Wacom for $80 US. It may look like a small area, but it’s very comfortable. No, I still use a mouse with Blender, but the tablet is awesome for 2D texture painting. You can trace photos in just a few seconds as well- it’s great!

(cree) #6

Same here, I have a Wacom graphire tablet. It also comes with a cordless 3 button mouse as well as a pen. It’s great for precision 2d drawing and tracing, but it has limited use for Blender.

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ok thanks guys…

i think that i’ll get one this weekend :smiley: