graphics tablet

2 questions:
-do blender and other free programs such as gimp and pixia support graphics tablets?
-are they worth the $100

I think This is exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Yes. Blender and GIMP work perfectly for me. (Well GIMP doesn’t want to start up anymore, but that has nothing to do with the tablet. :-? ) Wings3D doesn’t like tablets though, because it’s based on a game engine or something like that… Pixia seems to work too:
  2. Yes! I have a cheaper Volito, and it’s a great help with texturing and fine-tuning vertices.

goood…just checkin tho, does it matter if ur using windows or linux?

I’m only using Windows XP. The only reason why I think it might not work with other OSs are driver problems. Try typing in “wacom linux” at Google :wink:

hey matt, didnt recognize ur sn

nono, i have xp too.

I’ve used a WACOM Graphire3 with Blender; had to remap one of the buttons to the Middle button so I could rotate the view; I still prefer using the mouse with Blender.

The Graphire3 also works pretty well in GIMP 2.0.3 (not 2.0.0). Although, I don’t get pressure sensitivity and no means to caliberate the sensitivity. Still better than using a mouse. I think problem is related to the fact that GIMP relies on GTK+ which doesn’t have proper tablet support.

By the way, this is on Windows XP.