Graphics Tablets

How much is a decent graphics tablet? I have $100 dollars in my wallet and I’m tired of making decent models and not beign able to make good textures for them.

wacom graphire2

It’s quite nice, but the drawing area is kind of small. that’s a bit annoying sometimes.

otherwise, it’s a fine and reliable tablet with plenty of accuracy and sensitivity.

it work OK under linux too.

thats what im getting, you can find it for about 80 bucks at online sites… a local store has them for 99 though. i dont really like the small size of it, but it’ll do. if you have more money i suggest getting a bigger intous (, but thats like 200 bucks.

Graphire is what I have. It also comes with a freebie paint program : Photoshop LE or Painter. I have no complaint considering the price. Just keep the tablet away from the monitor; otherwise, you’ll get a jittery cursor.

The Wacom GraphireII.
I have it. I like it. The pen is fragile if you drop it and hard to find and expensive if you ever do find one.

get a big one

i think it is rather cheap

under 100USD