Graphics Update for Snow Leopard; 2.4x Interface Issues Resolved?

Hello MacBlenders,

I think I may have some good news to share!

I installed the latest updates from Apple for Snow Leopard earlier this evening… there was one update in there called a “graphics update for Snow Leopard” (or something like that)… I tried out Blender 2.49b afterward, which, unfortunately, was plagued with all kinds of interface redraw craziness as soon as Apple introduced Snow Leopard way back when, and see if it just happened to fix the problems, even if just a little bit (my main issue on my iMac was random screen/interface flickering);

Although I have not thoroughly tested it out, this update really does seem to have completely cured the issue I had with Blender 2.4x!

I thought I’d spread the good word for those who may still use 2.4x… and see if anyone else has updated yet with this graphics fix and received similar results?


UPDATE: Argh!- as soon as I made this post, I tried Blender 2.4x out again, and, sadly, it still does the glitchy/flickering interface thingy!.. Its like Murphy’s Law or something!.. I wish I could remove this post, but do not know how to, or if its even possible… Anyway, my sincere apologies for getting anyone excited for what appears to be nothing (it DID work for a while there).

Hi Born,
I’ll try blender 2.49 later this afternoon and see how it behaves? It would be awesome to use the old version on the Mac as then I could pack up the Linux machine and make some more room for the new toys … Christmas is coming!

I noticed the gfx update but it didn’t occur to me to try blender. There are a ton of blends that have animated components and porting them over to 2.53 is a lot of work.

Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately for me, after I did the graphics update my system completely freezes when I resize the main window using blender 2.5

I’m using a 2007 imac with an ati radeon 2600hd.

I posted a bug report so hopefully the devs can figure out what’s going on.

2.49 still works though, and as long as I dont resize the main window I can use 2.5.