Graphire2 under debian

(Dittohead) #1

ok, i got everything working accept for_get this_

the mouse.


i have a regualer mouseman trackball installed in my ps2 port, and in my usb hub i have my usb wacom graphire2 pluged in.

how do i get one or the other, or both working. none of the how-tos really tell me that much.

(olaf) #2

Hey, me too has a wacom graphire2 tablet and everything is working just fine here under Debian woody (aka 3.0). You’ve to download the kernel module source from:

compile it (kernel headers required !) and load the module into your kernel.

Second, download the Wacom XInput driver from the Website I named to you above.

For the Config: I can send you my working example PM if you want .

See ya, Olaf.