Graphix Open Rig

2 projects in 2 months?! I’m on a roll! Anyway, for the first time ever, I decided I’d take up rigging. This is a simple model I made based loosely around a make human model. While modeling, I tried to have round smooth, simple shapes. The rig (I’ll find a way to take a screenshot of it) has IK in the arms and legs, and ring handles on the spine. Fingers are also fully rigged. Once I get the model to a better place (still a few kinks and constraints to add) then I’ll put it on blendswap.

Ah. I didn’t know that ctrl+F3 took a viewport screenshot. Good one to know.

Cool idea. Bookmarked for progress checking. :slight_smile:

Well, not a whole lot added but I put it on blendswap, which you can find here. I just added controllers for the feet and shoulder, as well as added distant constraints to all of the ik targets, and rotational constraints to the shoulder, arm, and all along the spine. One question I have is about IK rotation constraints. On the thigh, I set the rotational constraints to only turn within a certain area. However, it completely ignores those boundaries. I also tried with a restrict rotation bone constraint, but it completely ignored that too. Thoughts?

Also, here’s the sketchfab model, if you want.