Graphs in gameBlender

Suppose we have made a game in gameBlender. Will we be able to see the changing location, or speed of our object in a graphical way that is through graphs? There is an IPO graph which works only for the game which are animated in gameBlender.But we wanna a graph showing the real simulation of an object.

I’m afriad that post didn’t make much sense but I think I gather what you’re on about. You want to generate a graph of an object’s movement over time right? You could write a script to generate the graph but that would be a bit awkward. Alternatively you could write a script to output the location of the object every frame. Then just import the data into Excel or MatLab and get it to generate the graph.

Why do you want a graph of an object’s movement anyway?

Keith. 8)

I’ve had this idea… you could use it to mess round with a cars acceleration… it’d be a larf.

sorry I don’t understand you burnhard.

Time / Distance or Time / Speed or

X / Accelerate

X being a number from 0.0 to 1.0 and a number asscociated with it…

after 2 seconds of holding down a key it would be going 5 mph… 15 seconds 50… and so on… then if you hit mud you could drain the acc. down

because it will follow your values on the graph you may bring up the car statistics or properties and make it shoot off… if you knew some formulas you could invent some pretty strange graphs. i.e. after 10 seconds of charging your gun up (think of the dispersion gun in Unreal… or a build up of power as you hold the fire button down) it starts to cool off… but if you still hold it down it slowly begins to go wobbly again…

that could be animation though… but you still gotta plot IPO curves for it :slight_smile: