Grappling Hook

Hey, I was trying to get a grappling hook or hookshot working in blender with logic nodes, however I am having some trouble. I am assuming I am just missing something, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do anything based on a even on a different object, my general outline was that I was going to have a key be pressed, and then have the hook shoot, then once It got to a game property (the wall), stop and then pull the character or cube to the hook. I found that the steering option in the node worked for the pulling, but I cannot seem to figure out how to tell the game engine the event that I want. On the hook I can easily detect when it hits the wall, but is there anyway to do anything to the person or another object based on that? As a Cs major I keep looking for a way to just make a global variable for comparison but I cannot seem to find it if it exits. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the situation

Could you make a sketch (like a story board)? I do not really get what you want to do.

i think what he is explaining can be found in the game the legend of zelda any of the 3d ones basically i cannot help with the problem however. he wants to know how get his character to be pulled towards an object he hit with his hookshot(term from what i know comes from the same game)this allows the character to cross large gaps that is otherwise impassible.

I’m not great with BGE but couldn’t you temporarily parent the character to the hookshots base so that when it moves the character moves and when the hookshot motion is complete just unparent?

See that is exactly what I thought, but that would make it so that as the hook moved I moved, So I thought about waiting until the hook attached before I made it parent, but this creates the problem of the two objects being connected but they are still the initial distance apart. Wish I knew python enough to figure out what that script was doing and figure out how to get it to work on 2.6X

is the hookshot not in hand?

Well the base of it is, but the hook goes out a few dozen feet then once it hits a acceptable material it pulls the person and base of grappling hook forward.

Well, I have very little experience, and to be honest, I have no idea what half of what you’re saying means, but for what it’s worth, here’s how I’d do it.
The hook is shot to the wall.
When it hits the wall, it is replaced with another object that is a ghost, that is impervious to gravity, and that doesn’t move.
Also when the hook hits the wall, a message is sent to the player.
When the message is received, a property is added to the player.
For the duration of that property, the player tracks to the ghost hook with a value of zero and moves forward and toward it. The property is removed when the player hits the ghost hook, and it is deleted. Of course, you also have to make some sort of visible cord, but that’s beyond me.

what about have it show you throw or shoot the hook wait tell it hits a object then it sends a msg to the player telling the player to use a track to (hook) and a simple motion for until the player hits the hook then it stops. this can be done all with logic bricks.

lol i just read your post obove mine i guess you had the same idea basically.

i don’t think you will be able to do that with logic bricks. the 2 scripts in socials example are fairly short and you could update them with a little googling of the 2.63 API. you should take a step into python it’ll be worth the initial headache.

I think this is what I will end up doing, trying too long over the weekend to get the logic bricks to work, and now im thinking it cant be done, Going to look into python and scripting in blender, thanks guys!