hello there i try to make a realsrtig gras how do yiu thing about it ? :-?

I think it looks great! One thing I noticed is that you did some orange around your sun. I tend to notice that when the sun reaches the horizon it creates an orange glow across the horizon, not just right around itself. Of course, now I will have to pay attention tonight and make sure I am right, but thats the way I remember it :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be cool to see a little more grass… I like the grass, it looks very good along with the texture for the hill :slight_smile:

The water almost looks like a crystal to me. Maybe it needs to be slightly more opaque… Not sure, as I am a newbie :slight_smile:

Over all, very cool!

Not bad, nice set up and scenario, dependingo on what you strive for there are some improvements possible.

If you don’t care for realism the only thing I suggest is to work a little more on that water. It doesn’t look much like a tream rapidly moving downhill.

On the other hand running water is among the most difficult things so…

If you strife for photorealism… well

The grass feels out of scale.

If thet is a river and those are mountains then every blade of your grass is nearly the size of a tree!!!

If you want to investigate grass perform a search on this forum for RipSting’s grass generator. It is excellent, far better than static particles (You did that with static particles isn’t it?)

Keep blending :slight_smile:


thx this is made with static partikel…


I descriped him, how to make the grass. I have found my own technik :wink:
Because the on the other technic wich i read anywhere, there is the grass too big.

You ca read about it on
that s a new Blender forum ,-) but in german

hello there i try to make a realsrtig gras how do yiu thing about it ?

Nice work, iv tried landscapes myself and nothing has turned out that good. Not sure if its exactly realistic but it looks pretty good. As for “how” i thought about it i just pretty much looked at it for a second or 3 and decided what parts i liked and which struck me as a bit off. Now, what happend neurologically and chemically im not exactly sure, and is probably still a mystery to most neuro-scientists. (Sorry, just being a smart @ss). :wink:
Keep on posting your work and im sure others will tell you “what” they think of your work. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

looks good in color, but it is certaintly too BIG. It looks like many bushes or small trees.

You might want to try turning the Halo feature on for the water, then apply a marble texture with shades of white or blue (maybe even orange, considering the time of day.) Other than that, it looks pretty good.

landscapes are difficult! the scale is off a bit,maybe a dirt tex under the
grass would be good,also the atmosphere needs clouds or something.
i have found that landscape textures are affected greatly by lighting,
try different lighting techniques,youll be surprised at the effects.
good work!!look foreward to seeing more.