Grass and wind with softbody

Here is a my test of grass furrowed from the wind with the softbody, I have used fiber for the grass and the technique of stretches for the grass without gravity, with a emettitore of wind up rotate to 45 degrees and without collisions, otherwise 2 minuteren put us only in order to calculate the position. This technique can be used for video acclimatizes to you in a beautiful grass.

[ DivX MPEG-4 Fast Motion][820Kb][10Sec][320x240 ]

That is very natural looking. It is amazing what these softbodies can do! Keep up the good work!


How long did it take to render and on what kind of system?

that’s a very nice motion.

that simple sample in 15 Second for frame, all video 1 hour, my computer is very low, pentium 2 with 3dfx voodoo 3

Wow. Softbodies will obviosly compeltly revolutionize Blender animations.


15 seconds a frame ain’t too bad.
But it is of course a very simple scene. I just hope they will get BURP working fast. It’s really needed for softbodies.

hi icesw:

i have already done the same only without softbodies but with an empty to control or do the wind.
how do softbodies modify the grass? how does that work?
i’d like to try it out and post the result here.


i take a sample of script Fiber, I set softbody to the grass and i hook the base of grass to the wall, and i put a empty for the wind.