Grass animation

I made a lil grass animation. i quite like it, but it doesnt move like grass in the wind i dont think. all the grass seems to move in the same way.i tried messing around with the ipo curves but i dont really know how to use them that well. any ideas on how to improve??:smiley:

no idea how to actually improve the movement… though i do think that the grass could make… “bigger” moves:P

go find some grass and look at it move in the wind. Generally quite stiff so it moves in very rapid little springy movements. Also and especially important, wind comes in gusts of only a few meters wide often, so all of the grass shouldn’t move uniformly.

yeah, i noticed. i have no idea how to do this though, any advice? i tried setting up a couple of empties pointing in different directions to make sure all the grass didnt move at the same time, but no luck with that. i also tried messing with the ipo curves but didnt seem to change much… ? any ideas? cheers.:slight_smile:

I did a field of wheat a while ago. Then I put different wind force objects in the field at different places. I also used time displaced IPOs to make it not move at the same time. It looked very decent indead. I never finished it though so I can’t show you.