Grass field

Hello all!

I am trying to make a grass field with particles on a plane, but when I try to make the field bigger to have more depth in it (to the horizon) I run out of particles. Also if I try to duplicate the plane that emits the particles it becomes huge and very heavy with vertices.

What to do? :frowning:

Just a thought, but you might consider using a matte image/ background image to represent these blades of grass that aren’t in the foreground of your scene… if you aren’t planning on running a camera up that way you’d do well to skip the render-load with a well-crafted tga/png/tif. IMHO photoshop still makes the most authentic grass, and a matte will certainly render faster than a background of particles.

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Yeah that seems to be the best way to go, especially if you are only making a still. But my problem is in that I would like to have a camera movement pulling back and revealing more and more grass…

I shall try and see how the defocus works with this, and how real it will look.

Ouch- sounds like a tough shot to implement. Best of luck, and remember the mattes if you’re finding it tough! :wink:

Maybe mess with the focal length of the camera lens to make having a large grass plane unnessessary? I wonder if you couldn’t maybe do some kind of thing with the camera mapping method on this site to make a fake background that at the same time can be animated.