Grass Free Beta

Try it now!


It looks really amazing and really appreciate that you are sharing this for free.
Thank you!

cam you elaborate a little on how to use this ?
need to get image form CG texture I guess for world

but then what about these bushes ?

happy cl

The tutorial will come after the Official Release of Grass Free (in June)
For now what you need to do is enabling Autorun Python Scripts (user preferencies > File) and click on Save User Settings :wink: and all will work

Yes!, I don’t have to pay for the Grass Essentials!! :smiley: Thank You! :smiley: Will weeds be included too?

yes, :slight_smile: they will, Weeds, Clovers, Flowers and all stuff present in Nature, all for Free, forever, with Free Updates
Do you know what was the rendering time for this Meadow?
1 min !!!

Ho a great gift for all us! You’re a angel, Man!
Congratulations a big Thanks to you! :eyebrowlift:

how do you import this grass into your scene?

Simply by Appending the Object called “Grass” into your scene, after that select the object you want to cover with grass, Shift and select the “Grass” plane appended, and now you must do CTRL + L and select Modifiers. Now with your object selected go to Particles System and choose what Grass you want :wink:

Thanks for the explanation. It works! …and it’s really awesome! Thanks!

Its grassy day for me! keeping up :wink:

looks great,thanks for the gift!

Here a test, and to “bump” the thread (Sky free and Grass free):

nice job dude

YAFU :smiley: thank you a lot for this render, well done job :), we will include it in the Trailer

Looks great, thanks!

On the website I see that you’re adding those pretty Weeds. This is getting really really good :slight_smile:

This is really cool of you Macio. Thanks a lot for just giving this to us all for free :slight_smile:

You all are welcome, Grass is completed, Weeds are being completed, trailer is at working, all will be completed in the middle of this month ;).
Description of the product: this Low Poly Grass isn’t designed for close up scenes, it works well with a distant camera, it is 2 or 3 x times faster than Grass Essentials (incredibly real)

Meanwhile, if you need to add a Sky to your scene, use Sky Free :wink: