Grass Free

You did a wonderful job!

Stunning YAFU :smiley: this one is amazing!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Just in case you want this image, here the 1080 16 bit png image. You remove “.blend” extension in the end, I just added it to be able to upload to pasteall.

That’s really cool, thanks a lot. HDR lightning setups and architectural stuff sounds pretty “essential” to me as well… your next project any of these? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

@ macio, Thanks very much for sharing!

@ YAFU; it’s possible to sharing the .blend file post 20?

Hi Macio,
Made a short film and used your Grass elements. Thanks for creating them. Here’s the link

Hi Filmkaar, what? :open_mouth: seen the video on Facebook and never thought there was our product. :slight_smile: Great video really, congrats. Thank you for using it, it is important for us. Can we share it on the facebook page? We love your video, very inspiring
wow guys :open_mouth: your work for the Nature is impressive

For the translucent shader i think you must change the color to a lighter color of the texture .

It looks and works awesome. Thank’s for sharing!

Here it is:

The scene is not optimized at all, blender takes a lot of time to calculate the particles. It’s a simple scene using an image texture for the grass distribution. The only thing could interest you is how to achieve circular/radial distribution of the grass at ground level. I have achieved it using “Vortex” type in Force Field Settings in the particle system configurations.

Color correction and vignetting has been made out of Blender.

@ YAFU, Thanks for sharing.

Grass Free 1.1
Now it is an Addon


Will check out this new version when i get a bit of free time :slight_smile:

Great work man :wink:

This isn’t working for me. There isn’t any grass generated.

Thank you very much!
Very generous!!

Just downloaded it, and it’s pretty great! Thanks so much for being willing to give away your work to the community. :slight_smile:

Rats, the download link is gone, it just gives me the 404 broken link error:(


thx, man! just looking at the images can’t see the difference between your addon and Grass Essentials…

Brilliant! Thank you so much~