Grass Limited particals?

What are the Limits for a render with grass?

I have a scene where the camera follows a car as it drives along, so you can see the bank up the side of the road and in front into the horizon my problem is getting the grass to be dense enough to look like grass instead of a desert?

the max amount of partials is 100000 ? +or - a 0 i think but that inst enough so i tried bracketing the mesh up into lots of smaller planes but that just killed the machine is there a way for the grass to be render in a way that will work for this?

thanks any help or comments welcome :slight_smile:

The particle system is supposed to get a major improvement in Blender 2.50, I’m not sure if theres any way to fix your problem right now, at worst you’ll have to wait until 2.50

You can make the grass thicker in the Materials Subcontext (under Strands in the Links and Pipeline Panel). Also you don’t need as much grass further away from the camera. It just takes some tweaking and faking.

Thanks for helping i tried puting the grass thicker and less dense far away from the camera but the problem is that the camera and car are moving along the road so when i get to the grass in the distance i have just moved the problem :frowning:

might have to wait till 2.5 then :frowning: atleast i will have trees aswell:p

According to the mailing lists Broken ratcheted the max number of particles up to 1,000,000.

Plus one of the goals of the Peach project is a greatly improved strand renderer so you’ll be able to render huge amounts of strands.

Doesnt that depend on your computer specs? I mean … would it make some computers crash if the strand number was too high?

The Peach project, as I read, will result in improvement in how many strands can be rendered, do note they have to render tons of grass and furry critters,