Grass model for download


Playing with particules I made one more grass stuff combining particules and a texture. Nothing special but I found that the result was quite nice with very simple settings. Here it is. A texture should be included in the blend file, let me know if any problem.


Thats some nice grass man, thanks, not really sure you need amb oc turned on, does not seem to make a lot of difference, apart from render time :o)


Yup… that is sure some nice grass man… but there are alot of render settings that arent neede… ray etc…

Wow, thanks Enrico, that’s really nice grass! Very well done. For those who want to know what it looks like, here’s a small render.

superb - this the most realistic blender grass i have seen.

Very nice. Here’s a better render without all the unneeded render settings. No raytracing, only one lamp (deleted the area lamp), no shadow, no envmap, and no AO:

Better meaning larger and higher quality. If I turned on all the stuff that was already turned on, It would look much better.

very very really nice!! But am I correct to say that the higher the resolution the thinner the strands of grass. In other words, if strands default to one pixel width, then we have a problem if we want to render at a higher resolution, it will totally change the way somthing looks. Perhaps the answer is to render grass at low resolution and composite. Is there any way to control thickness to make it resolution independent?

You can change the strand thickness in the material buttons under “Strands”.

Thanks Darg, Also I just noticed in the dev forum that someone has posted a test build with varying strand thickness according to depth. That will be cool.

thanks for this really nice grass!
absolutely cool :smiley:

Wow, that’s amazing! I really need to get better at particle grass…

Thanks Enrico that’s some Primo Grass.

Okay, wow. Best grass I’ve ever seen.