Grass Particle Test

I started messing around with the billboard and halo settings in the texture tab and came up with some pretty good results with grass particles. It’s not perfected, I only made it in a few minutes with a texture I found online. If the texture was properly blended on the x axis and you put a good ground texture it could look pretty good.

All you do is configure one grass plane, copy it over where you want it to show up, and use the “drop to ground” script on all of the planes.

Try putting it on “Billboard” instead of “Halo”, billboard works better for some situations. I have all the grass planes using one mesh so change it for one and it applies to all of them.

With “Halo” it kinda gives the illusion your moving the grass.

Also you might prefer “clip alpha” instead of “alpha”.

Just a simple effect you can easily do.

Controls- WASD moves, arrow keys look, and shift moves foward slow.

The .blend’s too large to attach on this site because of the texture, but here’s the .blend:

needs some cleaning up… so far so good :smiley:

Wow - 258 fps on new Mac!