grass problem

I was trying to make a grasy plane with some hills but the problem is that the particles folow the normal direction of the plane instead of pointing straight up. I was trying to point them in z direction by changing settings under the velocity panel; emmiter object settings. everything looks OK untill I add children particles, then the problem is the same again. I have attached a test render so you can imagine it better. Thank you.

don’t you want the grass to be pointing towards the normals?
If it’s upside down, have you tied just flipping the normals?

EDIT: if the normals are in some obscure diraction, try pressing ctrl + a on the object.

Problem is that the grass is pointing totaly horizontal and is being stretched like the one on the top of the hill (picture). I am using 2.5 version but I’ve tried also the older version and does the same thing. When the surface is flat the particles grow verticaly and when I start modeling the surface particles just go crazy. Thank you for help.

I think you should get the mesh the way you want it, and then add the particle system…not the other way around…

Maybe you need to check the Tangent value under Velocity. Make sure it’s set to zero.