Grass Problems

I have no idea how they made such large planes of grass in the Big Buck Bunny thing, but I have that problem. I need to make a vast amount of grass for as far as the eye can see… but Blender cant handle it… Should I make many planes (duplicates) and fix them snugly next to each other? or maybe add a hill so the vision is cut… still there will be huge amounts of render times… do you guys know of any tricks or tips?

I’m not positive on how to quicken things up on your side, but I do know that when big buck bunny was created, they had a render farm (multiple computers rendering a project to speed up render time). If you have more than one computer, you could look it up and try it out. If not, possibly render some grass in blender, then use that as a background image behind some more grass. Double the amount, but half the render time. You could also (using alpha) UV map an image of grass on a plane (like it’s done in games), and then render it out. Hope this helps at all!

thanks… i may end up doing that, but im gonna do all the animating first and all other texturing and lighting, then worry about the grass… its only in one scene… so i may get rid of it and turn it into a desert scene, or I may set up a render farm… desert is sounding like a good idea right now… maybe with a few random grass bush thingys… thanks anyways.