Grass Reflction like a prism.

So here is my scene.


If you look at the glass vases they are much to transparent. I want them to be much less transparent and reflect like a prism. Almost like a diamond would. Is there anyway to do that.

Kinda like that. Thanks.

Try increasing the IOR.

I did and its still a little too transparent for my liking. Is there anything else I can do.

Model must have thickness ie outer bottle + inner bottle?
Increase your glass material opacity to 50-70%


Cool thanks.

Tip; to render ur room faster, make ur ceiling & wall materials matt.
Make a RGB/Backlight material, temp 5000-6000 as ur window GLASS material to fake the sun.(don’t use portholes)
Indigo renders heaps faster with lights, try to avoid sun shining through glass windows into ur room.
Also make sure ur window glass part (geometry) is a separate face AND don’t use transparent glass material for window glass.
Design ur room so that indigo wont have to calculate light bouncing of outside objects bak into the room.
Make sure all ur face normals are facing into ur room.

I think u might need some bump on floor to, 0.001?

Are you saying that I should make the glass window pane an emitter and dont make it transparent. Should I just give enable ray mirror.

Are you saying that I should make the glass… Yep

Should I just give enable ray mirror…good idea, I might try it to.

Model is created in some other 3D software but texturing/UV/and render is done in Blender.
You will see some more glass reflections ( all texturing/UV/Render) in Blender. Goto my Signature->Album

Hi dlomas, any chance you could put together a basic room scene with your
material and lighting for faster rendering?, and post the .blend. It would be
very useful to study as I have never done a room scene before. Plus I’m on an
under powered computer!, so knowing how to set up from the start would be a
great help.

I feel cheeky for asking, but “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”:o.


@ mtndew999, sorry for butting in on your post!. Your image looks great, I hope
I can achieve something as good?.


stuartar: Your blend… enjoy
let me know if it works ok

My CPU AMD64 2100
Blendigo 1118,Indigo 1118
Blender 2.48a


stuartar.blend (290 KB)

dlomas, you are a star!:yes:

I’ll check this out for sure, I’ll let you know how it goes.

A big thanks!!


I’ve heard Indigo has gone commercial.
What does developer say about using previous non-commercial versions? Are they shareware now too? Is it prohibited to use them now? Where could I get them?

Indigo V 2+ is commercial, tho you can still use it but limited to 800x600.
All previous versions are still completely free.

I use Luxrender + LuxBlend with same results as Indigo.

Doh!.. Indigo’s website looks to be down at the moment, I was hoping to
get it installed. I’ll keep checking.

dlomas, I have to explain i’m very much the novice when it come to rendering,
and lighting (and 3d in general). I’ve got a lot to learn that’s for sure.
Is it possible to use your lighting method using YafRay ?.

And for another embarrassing confession, my computer:

Mac Cube (but still cool!),
OS X 10.3.9,
450 MHz PPC G4,
16 MB VRAM!!:o
Blender 2.48a.


Apologies again to mtnew999 for hijacking your thread!


Works ok for me

Duno about Yafray
My mod works with Luxrender tho.

Dude, u really need to upgrade.
Looks like Santa’s been flyin right past your house for the last 10years.
I think even using my mod, It’ll still take u hours to do what I can in 30min.


Sadly yes, I need to put my poor cube to bed. But I have a mountain bike addiction and
a trip to Oz in September to pay for first!. It’s on the list though.

Mmm… i’ll have a look at Lux, and Indigo again.

Thanks again.

I use Luxrender + LuxBlend with same results as Indigo.

Despite of the fact that Luxrender is much slower for same quality.

Lux users won’t have to deal with

There will always be a free version of Indigo - it’s going have a maximum resolution of about 0.7 megapixel, and a watermark in the bottom right saying that it’s rendered with indigo and for non-commercial purposes (in little writing).

Lux has been getting faster with every build.