Grass Render

I was working on a simple nature scene for a couple of days now. The key to this type of scene is enabling translucency in the materials tab for the grass materials. With Full Samples and 16 X Anti-Aliasing turned on, every frame takes 20 minutes to render at 1920x1080 resolution.
First Test:

Second Test:

Final Image:

Hi-Res images here.

Node Setup:

Hi cheburart,

i had a pretty same projekt on eastern, here is a pic befor comp.

and here is the blend if u want to have a look:

Nice! I never thought of using a lattice modifier:confused:, I just emitted my grass as particle hairs on a plane and randomized the normals, rotation, brownian forces, etc. I guess in the end the result is the same. Here is my setup (file contains textures, assign the textures in the material/textures tabs and world textures tab as well…and also disable full samples in the render tab or you might render this for a long long time​:slight_smile::slight_smile:)

Wow, both of these are some impressive close ups of lawn grass. Nice work.