grass,rock and wall....sumthing missing

ok i made this scene in blender i kno it not all fancy or anything (cuz im a noob)but i want thought s on it and if u could point stuff out and possibly give sum help it would be great!!:Dand plz do help cuz for sum reason this little scene lol is weird and i have no idea why i did it,but plz help!(if u notice sumthing)


how about making the grass a lill denser?

and whenever in doubt what to put in a scene, put a car :D…here, maybe a toy car…

ok about the grass lol,and kool about the car i should try that lol!

add more rocks??

I recently followed this tutorial and generated some rather decent results.

I would concur with the “denser grass” bit and also add that dirt is not that smooth and shiny ;).

In the linked tutorial the plane below the grass blades is the same material as the blades so any bald spots don’t appear obvious and just blend in.