Grass scene :P

(sten) #1

hey ppl…

the day today is quite rainy, so I had an old scene and I also
played around a bit with dupliverts…and I ended up with this :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you like it !!

will work some more on it…rain/water/dirt…

and those who is thinking of some contest…I have never entered one,
I am not to stress into making things…it must feel coming by themself,
but hey, I have been thinking of getting into that “Mech” contest :stuck_out_tongue:

(bg3D) #2

I thought someone slipped something in my sandwich! :x

(basse) #3

hey !! that maggot came out nicely (compared to the earlier version)… this is just great!!!

not so icky anymore :slight_smile:


(Cativo) #4

that looks really good! how did you do it?

(ScottishPig) #5

Too many particles ;). Great . really great.

Amazing, etc.

(S68) #6


The worm is GREAT and grass shape too. Grass color is funny… it is so uniform, you have area dark green and area light green… but blades are alike… why don’t you try a Global cloud texture on the color?


(blengine) #7

thats a great scene, the grass is really really good

(Haunted-House) #8

Wow thats really good! Some of the grass is going through the worm though.