Grass script compatible with publisher (2.25)

(RipSting) #1

Some changes needed to be made with material assignments. Now in publisher it should also assign the grass material to newly created grass. Download your copy here:

(nerddogs) #2

Thanks RipString it works great!

(rixtr66) #3

havent seen you in awhile!great script,i looked at your code a little,will the changes you made work with other scripts?also with the 2.23 api i cant run new video drivers,would you know a work around?


(RipSting) #4

I can’t say if the fixes in the grass script would help the other scripts. The incompatibilities in mine had to do with material indices and how to return the currently selected object, but there seems to be quite a few features that work differently in 2.25.

I’m working on re-coding my entire grass script. I’m documenting my code a lot better and giving things better names. I guess I didn’t know how to use arrays when I first created it! I’ve already implimented a better way of growing the grass out of the base meshes, and I’m working on wind integration and a GUI.

The work’s going really fast since I’ve cleared some things out. Look for the beta soon. Take care!

(LethalSideP) #5

RIPSTING!!! :smiley:

Long time no see. Don’t tell me Maya got boring, did it :wink: ?
Great work. You’re doing us all proud. Keep it up!