Grass test


I want to make a realistic grass, but i don’t know how.
Here are my test - one rendered in Blender internal (it’s good) and one rendered in yafray (it sucks). Plese help…
Blender internal
Yafray :mad:

Here is blend file. HELP…

I really like the first grass that you rendered in with blender. If you want to learn how to make a different type of grass, you can do my grass tutorial. The topic is here-

Personally, I really like it (the first one, obviously). It seems to be different than a lot of CG grasses i’ve seen around IMHO. I can make a pretty good guess about how you did it… but… any secrets??:smiley:
Nice work, i bet it would look great in a scene.

The first one is much better than I could manage. Looks pretty good. Maybe get some textures to change the colour

I like the softness, great work

jworld2 - nice tut, it make me thinking and now i’ve to add some dirt to it…

Hey BLENDITAL, all i have done was IMPERITOR tut ( but i’ve added some weight paint - download my blend file and check it out. All nessesary thing you can find in it and on Imperitor grass tutorial (thx Imperitor for GR8 tut).

BLENDERS - Take blend file, make your canges and post it back here. Maybe all together we will make a real good grass!!

no one wants to test…?

I tried the tutorial (fun) but so far have not been able to get
my grass as realistic as yours. And now there are mushrooms
coming up :slight_smile:

Regarding Yafray, I have only tried it a couple of times but
each time got very different (not good) results than with
the blender internal renderer. The Yafray FAQ says lighting
is really critical but I tried playing around with it and still
the results were just weird.


crazy man, i gotta try out that tute. the result is great, soft and realistic…