Grass Using Static Particles - Hillsides

Hi, this is my first post here, so if there are any issues with it, please tell me what information i need to add etc to help. I am also somewhat of a blender noob, i havn’t familiarised myself with the program yet. I am hoping this thread will help me do so.

I am attempting to make a landscape image. Within this landscape i want hills covered in thick grass, but when using static particles for grass the hillsides get a very small amount of particles. This means it is very hard to make it match the other areas and generally ruins the whole image. I am using the maximum amount of particles (I have experimented with the amount of particles and the maximum seems to give the best look).

My question is, are there any ways to make the grass seem more even on the slants?

Thanks in advance!

Child particles. You don’t generally need too many parent particles.

Thanks :)!

My problem now is that Blender keeps on crashing after i add children. I have tried with lots of different amounts of particles and children, but when i add an amount which is likely to do the job it just crashes.

You need more RAM.

If possible, get rid of any particles that will not be in the rendered scene (i.e. delete any part of the grass particle emitter mesh that isn’t in view of the camera) and then lower the number of particles proportionately (if you deleted half the mesh use half the particles or if you deleted a third of the mesh use a third less the amount of particles). This may help.

Just as a side note, since you said you are fairly inexperienced with Blender and are making grass, have you already viewed The Secret to Creating Realistic Grass? I assume you haven’t since you didn’t know about children particles.


If you are going to use a texture to “modulate” the Density of the grass over your landscape (no grass in the ways, for example) or animate your particles with an animated texture, you will probably encounter 2 bad Bugs :

I have reported them to the bugtracker, but I have received no response so far.