Grass WIP

(Vidigiani) #1

This is something I threw together in an hour just to test one approach to creating grass.

The sky is just blue so go easy on me in that regard :slight_smile: I was more just trying to see how I could make grass. Anyway, feel free to send comments. BTW this renders in about 10 seconds on my system.

(Vidigiani) #2

Figured I would try adding a little more color into the grass, here is my second shot at it:

(blengine) #3

ooooo nice! did that take long to render? its a bit too uniform though…cross hatching… add some RANDOM if possible?

(rogerm3d) #4

Cool grass. But its to regular. The coloring/grass shape should varie more, also maybe less green or something to the grass…

(S68) #5


way too regular!

Why don’t you look for RipSting script?


(Vidigiani) #6

If I used a script I wouldn’t be learning how to do it :stuck_out_tongue: but I will check it out as soon as I get frustrated trying to do it on my own :P.

I think I have a new idea for how to approach it which will probably bump up render time a bit, but should look let regular… too bad there isn’t a way to add random factor into dupliverting :slight_smile: As it is, I am using 4 different planes that each have some randomness built in.

(S68) #7

If you fract subdivide the planes and have your dupliverted grass blades follow the normal you get somewhat random directions in the blades…


(Vidigiani) #8

Yeah I did the fractal subdivide… didn’t try the follow the normals because I wasn’t sure what that was :slight_smile: I will give that a shot tonight. Thanks for the help!

(S68) #9

Beware, the first time you use it you can have odd results, you must control which axis of the blade of grass follows the local normal, with those tiny button above there labled X Y and Z.

It took me a little while to get those flowers in my dragonfly picture. Each flower is a fractal subdivided iconsphere and petals are dupliverted following the normal, to obtain a regular yet somewhat fuzzy outlook

If playing with the X Y Z buttons is not enougth try rotating the to-be-dupliverted object un edit mode.


(Vidigiani) #10

Thanks for the help S68… I tried the track buttons but they didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference… However, I added a lot more random factor into my planes, and I tried the face normal trick you described.

I think the new result is 100% better than my original post IMO… The grass looks a lot more real (not too green :)) and it doesn’t appear to have a really obvious pattern like my first approach.

Please let me know what you guys think, because from where I am sitting its starting to look pretty good. I’d definately like to improve it if you have suggestions tho :).

So, here it is:

(valarking) #11

awesome :o :o :o

(dreamsgate) #12

way cool grass, how’ld you do it?

(Goofster) #13

nice, I’m honoured you actually used my technique.
one thing though, I’m guessing you have one grass on a plane? try to make a whole bush on a plane, less rendertime and thicker grass.

something like this:

S68, good idea about the normals. Will try to work that in in my upcoming tutorial


(Vidigiani) #14

I actually wanted it to be a slight bit on the thin side… My wife kept thinking I was growing a wheat field when I thickened it up too much. And I like the ability to see some of the earth near the camera but it gets thicker as it goes back.

You’re right that I used a single blade on a plane, 4 blades on 4 planes. Good idea about adding more grass to each plane tho! Only reason I didn’t is because it started looking too much like there was a pattern to it.

Looks like Basse took it to the next step and put some objects in the scene; I guess if I get time I should do something similar now that I have the grass rendering reasonably.

As for how I did it, I might throw together a mini-mini-tutorial on how to do the grass as I set it up. Would probably be easier to explain with some pictures and stuff. Also, I will most likely post my .blend file so that others can take a look at it.

(Goofster) #15

yeah, the repeating pattern is the one thing that’s still wrong with the technique. I’ll try to work on that some more. you’re talking about a mini-tutorial. how about we come together some time and make a tutorial together? we could share experience.


(ScottishPig) #16


Nice grass from far away… close: not random enough, colour’s nice though… very encouraging.

(Vidigiani) #17

Yeah that would be really cool… If I have time this weekend I can write up a bit about what I did and then send it to you. If you want to compile them together it would help provide a more comprehensive tutorial. I also think it would be cool to post the .blend with the tut.