Grass with particle duplicators

Here’s something I whipped up today testing out the new static particle duplivert functionality that’s coming in 2.35. You can duplicate a mesh (a plane in this case) across static particles. The actual texture image was made in Photoshop with the grass brush. I know the ground doesn’t look right, I was focusing on the grass. C&C are welcome, of course!


wait is the grass painted on to planes which are dupliverted particules off the ground mesh?

This has a Beast flavor to it :wink:

That’s pretty neat alternative to the fiber script…did you used an alpha map?


With your attitude towards Blender, elYsiun, and the people here, that’ll never happen.

Sorry to not make any comments on the grass, but Kansas needs to be stopped.

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Sorry, just had to say that.
Back on topic, looks good :smiley: How do particle duplicators work?

The results a bit too repetitive for my taste. I’ll stick with static particles. :smiley:


That’s really quite cool!
This will have a lot of potential
Will this only be a static particle thing or will you be able to use it for animations as well?


AgeLesS - yes that’s correct, except the particles are duplicated off a mesh similar to the ground plane.
DYeater - yes the technique is similar to beast with textures mapped to planes.
Cativo - yes i used a targa with an alpha map.
Raseri - I’ve been playing alot with static particles too, and they have the potential to be much more powerful, I agree. However, until they (halo textures) get moved in the render pipeline, they can’t be involved with ray tracing at all: no shadows (not even buffered), no reflections, no ambient occlusion. Basically they usually end up looking like they don’t fit in the scene. I am playing with the idea of mixing this duplivert technique with normal static particles because they’re powerful enough to create even simple plants with branching, etc.
FiXXXer - Unfortunately they are rather limited for animation. The best way I can think is perhaps an animated texture, or perhaps vertex keys on the plane, but either way every plane will do the same thing, which may look unnatural, but I haven’t tried it. As far as the particle duplicator feature goes…there’s a full description here: