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no, not the dutch kind :smiley:

I’ve been experimenting a bit with a grass technique. Its often used in CG, but I dont know if anybody ever tried it in blender.

check out this test (DIVX 5, 3MB):

This animation took about 10 seconds per frame.
more testrenders coming up


(S68) #2

Not bad… it took about 10 secs per frame to download :smiley:

There is a distinct periodicity in grass blades which ruins a little the scene but the potentiality of the method looks great. Can you describe the technique?


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hmmm, strange. my server is usually pretty good. must be your side :smiley:

ok, this is the technique:

you make a standard plane, and fractal subdivide a couple of times. set the plane to smooth.
now make another plane (small) and parent it to the first plane. press duplivert on the first plane. now assign a texture to the second plane. it should be a grass texture with a black or white blackground. set the settings so that the black/white background is see through (you know the procedure)

so now you have a bunch of planes representing Bunches of grass. much easier to render then strands of grass.

(S68) #4

Mmm, ok, I see…

and I also see why it looked peridic,

Maybe if the grass texture on the small planes is made GLOB?



(kaktuswasse) #5

hmmm,the avi doesnt work for me…could u plz post a still?