(KarbonCopy) #1

Is there any way to create grass without a plugin and making each and ever blade of grass singly?


(JD-multi) #2

maybe there’s a way to do it with the particle system, but I don’t know if it works. I hope someone has an idea.

(Rhysy 2) #3

You could probably do it with static particles somehow… or, if you want more detail :
Make a single blade of grass.
Add a grid.
Put the grass blade in the centre of the grid, parent it to the grid (select the grass blade, shift+select the gird, press ctrl+p).
Deselect everything, then select the grid.
Goto the animations screen (F7) and press “dupliverts”.

You should now have a grid covered in identical blades of grass.

Hope this helps !

(KarbonCopy) #4

Wouldnt that bog my computer down

128mg ram

OOH! babY!
i’m in the power laughs

(cohort) #5

More RAM is more important than processor speed…

(KarbonCopy) #6

Yea, but i’m using up all my RAM slots >.<

(JD-multi) #7

Mmmh I don’t have that problem with 512 mb ram :smiley: (just joking) Just sell the 128 mb card an buy one of 256 mb maby that will fix the problem.

(Rob) #8

Turn to page 35 of tutorial guide 02 :smiley:

It shows you how to use static particles with Halo mats and tex with IPO curves to shape leaves on pot plants.